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Why Travel Safe in Africa is important!

Why Travel Safe in Africa is important

💡Why Travel Safe in Africa is important

Why Travel Safe in Africa is important
Why Travel Safe in Africa is important

It’s depressing, but after traveling thoroughly via Africa, one of the most usual concerns we’re asked to today is not “exactly how lovely is it?” or “where should we go?”. Many people we discussed our Africa itinerary to would certainly look back at us, dewy-eyed as well as aghast, before leaning in near to whisper intentionally behind their hands ‘yes, yes … however are you certain that it’s risk-free?’.

Somehow we get it. Besides, years of tv protection have painted a pretty bleak picture; all big-bellied starving youngsters, ruthless warlords, conditions and also starvation, hardship, and poaching– and also yet, this remark constantly makes us laugh/sigh.

We can not reject the continent’s seen a couple of problems occasionally, like everywhere on earth, but truthfully, having traveled pretty extensively via Africa currently we’ve gotta tell you; we never really felt in any more threat traveling here than we would anywhere else in the world. Heck, nevertheless, 8 of the worst 10 cities for pickpocketing remain in Europe …

As well as no African countries also place once! That claimed, as with all traveling: when you’re a tourist, you do protrude quite clearly as a possible very easy target, as well as need to take a couple of additional safety measures to keep on your safe.

Right here are the pointers we found on our journeys, to help you avoid coming to be criminal straw, remaining scam savvy, or the most up-to-date target of Africa-belly.

The safety and security cheat sheet

Keep in mind that even if you’re having a hard time uni trainee, horrible with money, or permanently broke from acquiring all the things– the truth that you can manage ahead here for a holiday suggests you’re most likely earning a lot of money in loved one term. Traveling under the radar = remaining safe. Pretty much, the guy blinking his purse full of cash, waving his pricey electronic camera completely sight, or using even more bling than a Kardashian is most likely to shed one or every one of these things at some time.

Don’t be that guy. Prevent displaying your moolah, maintain your clothes small, as well as constantly take into consideration the following:

Use a money belt OR only take a day’s worth of cash out with you

Be aware of your surroundings when taking money out at an ATM. If something appears dubious, move along rapidly

Leave the jewelry in your home, you actually will not need it right here, and also it serves as a beacon for any possible thief

Be very discreet with your electronic camera, especially large DSLRs. Maintain it secured a backpack up until you need it, or keep it firmly in your hands

Do not walk the streets during the night by yourself, particularly in larger cities or communities. If you’re out late, take a taxi or Uber, each time

Pickpockets exist below as they do almost everywhere, so if you’re seeing markets, fetes, train or bus terminals, or even walking the streets, be added careful

If you’re driving, see to it you maintain enough room in between you as well as the auto in front to make a getaway if required

Don’t leave anything (we suggest, anything noticeable in your cars and truck when you’re not in it!). Instant theft target.

If you’re a traveler in a speeding car, it’s all right to claim ‘decrease’. Reckless driving is common!

Know your area

Do you know your Uganda from your Congo? Namibia from Somalia? What about the dangers related to going to each? Throughout a continent as substantial as Africa, general safety varies from nation to country, area to area, and also the community to town. This suggests it’s essential to do your study prior to you arrive in each brand-new area.

While the majority of nations in southerly Africa are well established and completely safe for tourists– as long as you don’t wander off right into municipalities, or walk in the evening on your own (which is obviously foolish)– some central, as well as northern African nations, are a bit a lot more difficult or politically unsteady.

Your relevant federal government travel advising warnings, guide books, and dependable all-knowing Google are a few of the very best sources of details while talking with fellow travelers or deportees offered us one of the most updated, on-the-ground details as we required it.

Why Travel Safe in Africa is important
Why Travel Safe in Africa is important

Do not obtain Malaria

No, truly. Simply do not. No one such as getting unusual illnesses when on holiday yet getting ill in the middle of country Africa isn’t just a strike to your plans, it’s dangerous. Health services differ considerably via the region; even more, industrialized countries have dazzling hospitals, rural areas occasionally battle to give you a lot more than a drip.

Include a lovely exotic ailment like Malaria, and also you have actually got yourself a poor rest! To stay healthy know your African adventures you require to be thinking about your health and wellness well before you leave for the airport terminal. Almost every African country requires evidence of Yellow fever inoculation, while Liver disease A, Rabies, Typhoid, and also Meningococcal meningitis are all rather typical stabs to get.

We never travel in Africa without our dependable med-kit filled with:

  • Anti jungle fever medication
  • Prescription antibiotics
  • Painkillers
  • Antihistamine
  • Iodine tablets
  • Hydrocortisone lotion
  • Insect repellent
  • Consume the faucet water, eat the food

You can drink the faucet water in southerly African countries like South Africa and also Namibia (yes, you actually can !!), yet the further north you go you’ll require to begin dropping some iodine tablets in (or steaming the water) simply to be safe. When it comes to food, Africa is the only area that neither of us has wound up with gastrointestinal disorder in before– the high quality, as well as preparation requirements, are that good.

That stated we do typically steer clear of meat once we’re in the farther locations because of a lack of electrical power and also appropriate refrigeration.

Be fraud savvy

Scams are regrettably usual all over in the world, and also if you haven’t currently run into one from an abundant Nigerian family member you have actually never ever become aware of seeking your financial institution details to transfer your ‘inheritance’, chances are you’ll experience one in a person traveling through Africa. The rule of thumb below is “if it appears also excellent to be real, it is”.

Live by this, and also you’ll quickly realize just the amount of little tricks there are to capture simple visitors! One of the most frequent– as well as annoying– scam of them all is charge card fraudulence– which we were the unlucky casualties of in South Africa (a great deal of trouble and also the momentary loss of $1500 sure put a dampener on that week!). Always cover your pin number and also just get money out of credible financial institutions.

Why Travel Safe in Africa is important
Why Travel Safe in Africa is important

A few other usual ones we have actually encountered:

Providing a good or solution totally free, consisting of tours, only to charge at the final thought of the solution

Computing a taxi fare at the end of the trip. Constantly, constantly, always settle on the cost when you first get in (we’re looking at you, a male who tried to fraud us out of $30USD for a 5km cab fare in Malawi!).


Selling fake items or tickets at inflated costs. Always buy your bus tickets at a reliable company!

Extra settlement for saving baggage on bus trips. Never pay this– your ticket includes all baggage.

Supplying to lug luggage at flight terminals or bus depots, prior to insisting on a huge ‘idea’.

Overinflated taxi or bus rides.

Individuals impersonating evacuees, pupils or orphans pleading.

Other ‘repayments’ at boundary crossings, including ‘wellness analyses’, ‘quicker service’, or bogus files.

Honestly, your safety in Africa boils down to working out that little thing called sound judgment that your mum made use of to tell you around. Would certainly you roam about in the evening on your own in your very own city with your prized possessions out on display, and also anticipate that nothing untoward would come of it? Probably not.

Realize, but not be terrified, and you’ll quickly find yourself having the moment of your life delighting in amazing Africa for what it is, as opposed to stressing overcoming to be a sufferer.

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